06 April 2006

This is not funny (and some blog reviews)

Well, at least as I write this post, i dont intend it to be funny. There's somedays, you just dont feel funny. Not in a bad way, but like, you're happy and not feeling like making any jokes, thats all.

Some days you don't even like to think about sex. But fortunately, that's never happened to me since the day I attained puberty. Well, i dont exactly remember the day, but I know that my friends told me i could only do that sort of stuff after I got into puberty. So then i realised i'd grown up a while ago, and didn't know it, without an exact date.

Shit, was that funny? Damn, I screw up my Para-1 resolution in para-2. Thats not funny, thats just stupid. Some people will agree, and go away, some people will think stupid is funny, and come back.

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This post is about cell phones.
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I used to have a nice Nokia 3230 until a few days ago. I liked the phone. I was comfortable with it, it was easy to type with, it hung once in a way, but I was used to it. I was so used it, i knew exactly when it was about to hang. I downloaded a little game on it called Air Warrior, which involved flying around and shooting anything you saw, and picking up little men (in a rescue-mission sense) that went ``yee-haaw'' every time you rescued them. I'd play the game for hours. I slipped up on so many stories, made a fool of my self in a few press conferences, went a little cock-eyed because of the game.

I loved the camera. I took so many pics, some i've saved. I downloaded a theme called `nice' that had nude women.

But above all... it just ... fit in my hand, you know. It felt right.

Then one day, my mom came along with a new phone that she'd bought, and couldn't use because she couldn't operate. So in my greed, i offered to exchange it.

And because of that, i am now the owner of a sexy silver-black MotoRazr V3i.

This phone is what they call S-E-X-Y. Its cool, its hot, its sleek, lean, mean, futuristic, and the second-in-command in my paper has the same phone.

But it doesn't have my game. Its hard to type - there's nothing quite like nokia's autotype - it charges funny, you can't share most people's chargers, you cant drop it. You can't type while driving. Somehow, it just doesn't fit the side of your face right.

So now i'm wondering if it was such a good idea to let my old phone go. But now its gone. A decision that I made, and I have to live with the consequences. Now now, i just have to wait and see if my new phone eventually fits into my hand like the old one (seems to be getting there) or find a better phone.

Just like my bike. Or my other bike.
Hmm ... as it turns out, this post isn't so much about phones.


Here are blogs you SHOULD check out... cos they are amazing. I know i'm not much of a blog reviewer, and i'm not giving you 3 top news blogs I like (i dont like any, and i think ALL news blogs in india are shit, including the award winners, that were given awards by other bloggers, but that is a post for another blog).

I dont know why i just said that, but take a look at these blogs. I quite enjoyed them.
* spaces.msn.com/fatcyclist - no, you don't need to be a biker.
* http://newyorkhack.blogspot.com/ - female cabbie in new york. When I go there, i'm gonna look her up and get her to drive me.
* http://girlwithaonetrackmind.blogspot.com/ - er.. sex?
* http://frenchmaidtv.blogspot.com/ - How the french give cpr, podcasts.


Anonymous said...

that wasn't funny. :) but i come back. :) everything else is funny :)

Madame Mahima said...

boy, you listen up and you LISTEN UP GOOD-
If you land a MotoRazr v3i you MAKE it fit in your hand.
no more pining for your old nokia..its gone man..let it go, let it go.

I'm a panasonic girl myself...i just bought myself a panasonic VS3, and its actually a lot like the motoRazr (okay FINE so yours is better than mine. pfft)
but the point is i think panasonic is way better than nokia..for one thing panasonic doesnt hang and its just as user friendly..also water isn't its kryptonite..

i dont know why this turned into a panasonic-defence comment..maybe coz im just SO DAMN FED UP of people trying to shove their nokias in my face.

*composes herself*
Congrats on the new phone =)
ps - i could be a liiiiittle jealous of your new phone :P

Arthur Quiller Couch said...

I passed up the MotoRazr only because it's not a Nokia. Can't live without T9 or whatever it's called, that text prediction thingy. You goofed.

You goofed again when you didn't put MY blog up there. Baaad miss. (just kidding ... NOT!)

You also goofed when you left out the sex. You know the difference between an egg, a carpet, a drum and sex? Right, you can't beat sex. (Damn, that applies to Federer as well. Mostly)

lycra said...

well, i have been wanting to buy that pink version soon. very soon. But well, you're right i mite do the same thing as you did, pine for my nokia!
are we bloody ever satisfied?

DM said...

Man!what a dumb blog.Get a life....

4WD said...

anon ~ danke. So, what are you wearing?

Mahi ~ I'll swap it with you for an N series :) But hey. Panasonics are pretty cool... my best buddy's aunt had one a few years ago. I'm sure the newer ones aer cool too. heh heh kidding.

AQC ~ You're up next, i swear. Thats funny, what you said ... but lets try and not put carpets, drums, sex and federer in the same sentence. Now sharapova, is another story.

Lycra ~ the pink is cheaper than the black/silver. Buy a nokia instead, really.

DM ~ thank you. You dont have much of a life either, posting inane comments on random blogs?

Anonymous said...

bitte. white lace panties (laced borders, that is)

Rohini said...

I have been lusting for a Moto Razr for ages. Who cares if it doesn't work as well as a Nokia. It looks soooooooooooooo cool!!!

Anonymous said...

the v3i hangs too, i just got mine a month ago and its really frustrating. it looks sexy but its totally useless with the functions. u know whats really good - the sony ericsson k750i ... the camera on that is amazing. the reception is amazing. granted it doesnt look as good as the razr, but its great functionality-wise.