27 January 2009


the time has come 
for me to ride
a quarter past five
with fries on the side

The time has come 
to make a stand
the cere-bellum
why, that's my land

The time has come
and has the enemy
is easy to find
no, its not she
he's inside me

(aka, on an impulse I bought a dress for the girl [not just any dress, but one she'd told me she really really liked, but didn't get cos she was on a saving money trip, and then i found out with some detective work what the dress was] and spent like 3 grand on it [a lot when you have no money] and now i'm feeling like maybe i shouldn't have, not because i dont really like her, no, i really do, but i get the feeling she'll never like me as much, even tho she says she does.)(bugger it, thank god i'm not into attachments and allathat jazz)

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Anonymous said...


dude, stumbled upon your blog couple of days ago.
very funny.

life is funny, must sey.