27 January 2006

Its saturday again :)

I saw Rang De Basanti. Very nice movie. Makes you think. Really, at some point in my life I was all, ``balls, i'm not gonna let him break the queue.'' But eventually, you give in and say, ``what the hell, its just one person, how many can you stop, and he so much bigger than me anyway.'' So I think i'm a little more inspired now. It would have liked the movie a lot more if Aamir Khan didn't make me and 200 other people who paid for the 10.30 show wait till 11.00. And none of them complained. Well, i didn't either, but i went across to tgifs and had a vodka.

I'd say more about the movie, but that would be a spoiler, and not much fun. So I won't.

Its been an interesting week. I went to TC midweek, where I got a little buzzed, and danced with some random woman. She said her name was `Mistree'. I didn't believe her, but i didn't argue cos of all the Vodka. (I love the russians)

I think I will just stay home today. My bad tummy is, well, bad. I think i'll sleep. and wake up tomorrow and go for a run. If i were in Bombay, i'd go to Priyadarshini Park and run. But this is not bombay.

20 January 2006

Fun Friday

Thats a teeny tiny alliteration. Fun Friday.

So anyway, i've figured out my problem with getting hooked up : Women.
Well, not women as such, but that I dont know any. Well, i do, a lot, but not in this city. I've been here, for what ... two years now, but the whole time i've been with my ex. I havn't really met any new girls. So there. Now i have to find a solution to that problem.

So last night, i decided to bond with another guy. I called Z, who used to be a classmate, and now organises concerts for a lot of money.

Its funny, him and I were never really best friends, but this time he just talked for hours. Like about why he broke up with his ex, and the girl that caused it. Of course it was all manly talk, not girly girly. So it was peppered with expletives, car talk and money talk.
``So how come you guys broke up? you were going pretty strong,'' he said.
So i found myself in a place where i had to talk. I mean, he'd told me all. He'd broken the secret-barried (you know, men don't tell sad stories to other men unless they're really good friends).
So anyway i told. Not in full detail, though ... i guess i wasn't as ready as him.

Anyway, after that , i decided we needed to go offroading. So we drove around Sanjay-Van, looking for an entry. Eventually, we found one, and at 2 am, entered.... it was a slight climb, and at some points, i needed to switch to FourWheel.
After some blind reversing, some paint scratching, and some accidental hitting of the wipers, we were fairly into the forest.

I felt all man. I felt adventurous. I felt cool. I felt , er, a little scared.

``Dude, what if there are cops inside?'' Apparently, he was a little scared too.
Other than the cops, it was all dark, and you know...
Anyway, after driving for a while I said, ``Dude, you know we won't be able to reverse if we go in any deeper,'' I said. But since we were both men, and had to be brave, we kept going.
``Hey, i know where this road goes,'' he says, ``to the dirty nallah.''
``In fact, i think i can smell it now... man it reeks'' he says. So i stuck my nose out of the window and smelt. Nothing.
``Yeh man, i smell it too,'' i say. ``Yuck. Lets get out of here,'' Once i said that, i actually could smell it. I;ll never know if it was actually there, or my mind invented it to give me good reason to leave.

But i would like to go do that in the day. When its not dark.

15 January 2006

whazzup ma nigga!!

I just realised, i'm part nigger. My uncle's wife's sister's married to a big black man. And they have a little kid too, who looks full black cos my uncle's wife's sister's a mallu, and most of them look like thin black people anyway.

So cool, is that not? Ok, so i may not have nigger blood, but at least i have some nigger sprit. I'm sure if i actually meet the addition to the family, i'll gain some more sprit.

So all you black people out there, welcome me to the hood.

Ladies : You know what they say about us niggers!!!!

Saturday night, daaance, I like the way you move...

What is it about days like New years day? Or every week, saturday day. Its strange, when I wasn't so single, I could do the same thing I did last night, and it wouldn't bother me at all. Same thing = nothing.

If I went to a club, that was good. If i went to a Priya-Village Roadshow theater and watched Shaadi No. 1 that was good. If I sat at home and drank wine with friends, that was good. If me and my girlfriend just chatted, that was good. Even if she was away and i sat all alone at home, downloading porn and playing NFS Most Wanted in turns, i still was ok.

so yesterday i thought, `hmm saturday night, the new year party hangover is still there, so lets do something.' Of course with work people, you can't party a whole lot, cos they don't wanna. So i thought, ok, maybe old college buds. Called. they were working. I can't go anyhwhere alone. Some people do. They're just wierd. So i went to a nice, vegetarian dinner, with friends that were dressed in trackies and sweatshirts. Yay.

I read somewhere that women are most depressed on new years day, christmas and valentines. I think christmas doesn't so much apply to apna heathen Indian women, but the other two, possibly. What about men, though?

Ok, i dont get depressed much. I just look at naked women on the net, and imagine i'm actually driving to fast-ass cars. But it can't be very good for single men either no?

I think valentines day is coming up. This will be my first single valentine in some five years.

oh , and as an aside, I was watching CNN-IBN yesterday, and there was a brilliant something on female infanticide and foeticide. Old story that was broken by the papers a week or so ago, but i think I saw this person doing a very long report. Very nice. And, this reporter if veddy veddy hot.

She doesn't have a comment thingy on her blog, but if i'm ever in her town, or she in mine (well, its not mine, but i live here) I should like have a drink with her.

08 January 2006

Wimmen Lessons.

Maxim has a piece called '100 things you need to know about women.' Its actually enough fuel for some 50 blogs. Some are pointless like ``she's gonna outlive you'' or ``let her win arguments''.

Some are good. Like, ``Most wimen will not have sex for the first time with a guy unless their legs are waxed. If your date shows up and you spot hairs, she's trying to keep her self in line''.

My topic for today, though is. no 67: Kiss her before two dates have gone by or you'll be `friended'.


hmm. that, my friends, is a very scary word.

It's a phenomenon that you can't get past easily.

If you're friends, then life gets complicated.

If you're just two people, and you make a move on her, then there's two choices. Either she gets made a move on, or she says, ``what the hell are you doing'' or ``er, i think we need to slow down'' or ``I'm sorry, i'm married''.

If you're already friends, then it's like the mozzarella cheese on a pizza (not pizza hut, i think they use cheddar). You know, all sticky, and gooey.

The problem with me is, I have to be slightly buzzed to come on strong enough. And then it doesn't work, cos i probably wont know the girl at all :)

If i go to coffee with her, i just talk, well, nice things.

Damn, i have a problem.

Fiesta, anyone? its got 3 exciting options!

I bought a copy of the Indian edition of Maxim. Much more toned down, i tell ya. But i'm not gonna pay 450 rupayas for the furren one.

So, they list cars of the year (with pics and specs) as the ferrari f430, Bentley GT convertible, Porche Cayman S, Jag S type, Aston's DS (so hot), H3 (so passe), Impreza (here i come WRC). Bang in the cente is Abhishek Bacchan with `Ford Fiesta' tattood on his arm. Eh? What did they think? Random men are going to go through all those dream cars and say, ``oh well, I'll just take the 101 bhp fiesta, which stops pulling in third gear''?

04 January 2006

Kanta's Feni.

So i spent New Years on a little, secret beach in goa. There were a lot of people, but not enough to disqualify the 'secret' tag.It was mostly a get back-back-with-old-buddies-new-year. There were some drunken women, but this post is not about that.

It's about Feni.

The national drink of goa, as you may all know. What's funny is that few of the locals I met seem to like it. Strange, because it's good stuff.
There are two kinds of Feni. `Branded' stuff, that comes in packaged bottles, with names like 'Big Boss', `Beach Bonanza' and `Mogambo'. Ok, the last two i made up, but Big Boss is famous. The bottles are made of plastic, and that is what seperates the men from the boys.We men drink `Local Feni'. It comes in glass bottles, and they have labels like, Royal Challenge, Real Whisky and Vat 69. What i mean is, its packed in old bottles by the local seller.

So, me and Horseyboy spent an hour looking for one such famous retailer. Near Baga Beach, while other, lesser men, were siping vodka or whiskey or some such lesser drink, we found this man.Kanta.

He was lean and wiry, and you could tell that in his day, he'd lifted his share of weights and beaten up random white people.

Well, anyway, we chatted with him and his drunk customers in the little country bar.

Us : ``What percent alcohol does Feni have?''
Kanta ``Very High degree. Ay patrao, what degree? "(to a drunk)
Old man, with broken teeth, as he gets his glass filled with a 200 ml shot of the stuff : ``180 degree''
Kanta : ``Pheh. Whatchasayin men? Nai nai... yeh 20 degree hai.''

When we asked him what was the difference between the local stuff and the properly bottles stuff, he poured some on a table, and lit it. Bright blue flame.

Anyway. we drank. A lot.

Happy new year all. Hic.