20 January 2006

Fun Friday

Thats a teeny tiny alliteration. Fun Friday.

So anyway, i've figured out my problem with getting hooked up : Women.
Well, not women as such, but that I dont know any. Well, i do, a lot, but not in this city. I've been here, for what ... two years now, but the whole time i've been with my ex. I havn't really met any new girls. So there. Now i have to find a solution to that problem.

So last night, i decided to bond with another guy. I called Z, who used to be a classmate, and now organises concerts for a lot of money.

Its funny, him and I were never really best friends, but this time he just talked for hours. Like about why he broke up with his ex, and the girl that caused it. Of course it was all manly talk, not girly girly. So it was peppered with expletives, car talk and money talk.
``So how come you guys broke up? you were going pretty strong,'' he said.
So i found myself in a place where i had to talk. I mean, he'd told me all. He'd broken the secret-barried (you know, men don't tell sad stories to other men unless they're really good friends).
So anyway i told. Not in full detail, though ... i guess i wasn't as ready as him.

Anyway, after that , i decided we needed to go offroading. So we drove around Sanjay-Van, looking for an entry. Eventually, we found one, and at 2 am, entered.... it was a slight climb, and at some points, i needed to switch to FourWheel.
After some blind reversing, some paint scratching, and some accidental hitting of the wipers, we were fairly into the forest.

I felt all man. I felt adventurous. I felt cool. I felt , er, a little scared.

``Dude, what if there are cops inside?'' Apparently, he was a little scared too.
Other than the cops, it was all dark, and you know...
Anyway, after driving for a while I said, ``Dude, you know we won't be able to reverse if we go in any deeper,'' I said. But since we were both men, and had to be brave, we kept going.
``Hey, i know where this road goes,'' he says, ``to the dirty nallah.''
``In fact, i think i can smell it now... man it reeks'' he says. So i stuck my nose out of the window and smelt. Nothing.
``Yeh man, i smell it too,'' i say. ``Yuck. Lets get out of here,'' Once i said that, i actually could smell it. I;ll never know if it was actually there, or my mind invented it to give me good reason to leave.

But i would like to go do that in the day. When its not dark.


IdeaSmith said...


At least you're honest about it, I give you that.

This post got a smirk from a woman..was that the intention?

4wd said...

In real life, i wouldn;t tell you all this. I'd just tell you about how we went off-roading in the middle of the night in a strange forest, and tell you about how i grew up in the outdoors :) Women love that.

Ekta said...

Boys and be honest??
Difficult to believe-eh!;-)

Anonymeena said...

Dude, the name Sanjay van rings a bell. Where is it at exactly?