11 February 2006

Come one come all to the lucky dip stall.

That's the stall I always avoided at the fete when i was a kid.

I like fishing-the-bottle... i always won.

So, here's a litte contest :)

All you have to do is answer one single question. Winner will get a free dinner for one, with me :) (conditions apply. See below)

--------the question--------

In the hit Hindi Language Film, Rang De Basanti, on what day of the week do a group of young nd not-so-young friend take over the All India Radio building?


If you havn't seen the movie, fear not. Here's another question (stolen of course, unlike the above one, which is original)

How do you make Donuts?

---------- ta daa----------

(Dinner for one award is only applicable to lady applicants. Gentleman applicants can feel happy that they have watched the damn move more than once and/or know about donuts. If the concerned lady applicant has a female lover, the award will be compounded to dinner for two with me without hesitation.)


hickey said...

oye i have not seen the film but i can make donuts. chocolate ones. so where is mt dinner? i'll bring the donuts along:)

Khizzy said...

as i enthusiastically launched into my donut recipe, i was hit by a reality check.
lol...yeh visa shiza ka chakkar per jayay ga!
unless u can send me a gift voucher.
thank god u finally blogged!

Anonymeena said...

this is so he said she said. Our boy asks about making donuts... but i get the feeling this auto-junky means doing donuts (no no its not all sexual innuendo). Am i onto something?

Shivangi said...

Hmmm... seems I have missing all the fun. I haven't seen Rang De Basanti and I donot know how to make donuts... But I do know where you work!

hickey said...

hey shivangi, tell tell. I think i am getting closer to figuring this one out as well. We should pool our resources! What say?

4WD said...

hah. Neither of you are close to figuring it out :) Times is not the only place with interns :)

As for the quiz, none of you comes close. Except Anonymeena. Except he's a boy :)

Khiz, if i ever get sent to pak for an assignment, you can buy me dinner :P

Head ~ You can actually make real donuts? wow... i though only bakeries made them. Wow. But i'll take you up on your offer anyway... you get points for trying!

hickey said...

I am dead serious! want me to send them across to you? send me yur address and i will do the needful... then yu can be the judge of whether its worth anything or not:)

Anonymeena said...

Man, disturbed as i am knowing that i came close to winning a candle-light dinner with you, I just had to point out that most men dont crave deserts the way women do. Flying gravel and burning rubber is more our thing. My girl got a ticket for 'reckless driving', which would have been cool had she any control over what she was doing.

Drops Of Jupiter said...

Okay.. in a nutshell, donuts are sweet fried bread dough. and you add what jam, chocolates,other sweet smoosh inside to make it better.


And the first question..umm.. it was a Sunday?

I can't help it.. I see a question I have to answer it..so sue me..

or buy me dinner..whatever.

hickey said...

why have your blog posts become so feeble? you hardly write anymore--boredom?!! Or too much work?!

4WD said...

Hello world.

I'm back. Well, the first correct answer was Jupiter's. Yay, jupe, when you're in town, give me a holler, we'll get drunk and do something stupid. Or eat. Whatever :)

Sunday is the right answer.

Donuts, though is all wrong. They make me flabby around the tummy. Love handles not good... they hide my six-pack abs. My dad loves them though. But thats ok since he's also bald.

Donuts, my friend involve a car with rear wheel drive, a lot of unneeded acceleration, and the fact that there's more traction in the front. Its a lot more flashy on bikes though... and the name comes from the round donut-shaped tyre marks on the ground. My car though, can't do it on road... only on concrete of mud.

But bloghead, here's what, you take me to the dentist, i'll buy you dinner, and promise to behaev :)

hickey said...

You got yurself a date mister. you can figure out the logistics and let me know. and i promise not to tell a soul who you are even after we meet:) it has to be quid pro quo though huh?!

Shivangi said...

ok guys, I will not feel jealous at all... but plz post abt your meeting/date... It'll be a fun read especially since I practically see the both of u almost everyday! ;)

4WD said...

bloghead ~ deal. As long as you promise not to use big words like quid pro quo. :) kidding. You get back from your holiday.

Shivangi ~ hah. you see her, not me, unfortunately. Unless you hang around CP a lot.

hickey said...

Fine fine... i get back on the 20th of March. That same weekend/ week we meet. That's a deal.

And Shivangi since you are the only one here who has an identity firmly in place... enjoy the blank noice meet. Will catch yu when i am back.

Both of you please remember to wish me on march 4. It's my birthday:) And i love birthdays!

BTW... considering how much you hang out at TC and how much i hang out there ( only on wednesday's though), i am sure we would have seen each other out of bloggerland.