25 February 2006

i'm back.

Like a drunk jerry maguire. I'd rather be a stainless-steel-handed arnie, but he says, ``I'll be back.''

I havn't been posting cos i've been working. Travelling also. And busy with other things that make life busy. I was so much happier being a kid, climbing up trees, and hiding stolen copies of Hustler there.

I'm a littel freaked out. Cos someone claims to know who I am. I think they're wrong, but still, slightly freaked. Maybe i'll go into exile, and deny this whole thing. My stig-ness is slippiung away. You know what BBC did to the white-stig, right? they made him drive his car of the launch end of a Aircraft carrier .. INTO THE SEA.

Well, anyway, here's a woman story.

I went out with some buddies, and some of their buddies from Chandigarh. One of them was a hefty chandigarh chick... not fat, just, hefty. So anyway, i went to So's place, with a bottle of Bacardi. We wanted to drink it, and I asked for mine neat. ``Hah, drink like a man,'' I said.

Well, anyway, then someone got beer, and i was looking for a bottle opener... this chandigarh girl just takes the bottle from me, and pops it in the mouth, and POP, its open. I can't do that. She's more of a man than i am. So now i'm scared of her. anyway, her ex joins us, he's a big punjabi guy too. And I, am not a big punjabi guy.

Later, we go to TC, and we're drinking... she wants to pee, and she says, ``hey gimme company,''
I said, ``eh? I can't pee with you, they dont allow that here,''
She : ``ha ha ha ... i mean, walk me to the loo,''
If you've been to tc, the loo is not far. And its n ot dangerous cos those two big bouncer guys (who one told me to take creatine supplements) stand right outside it.

But i walked her... and there was this MIND BLOWING hot woman waiting outside the loo... so i waited and said, ''hello''.
And MindBlowinglyHOt said ``hello''.
and we made some inane conversation with the bigstronggirl not in it.
Anyway, so this hot woman's boyfreind joins her in the wait. ... and my friend says, ``oh you'll are together... so are we'' and she takes my hands (i'm standing behind her), and wraps them around her tummy... and i can feel her tires, like they'd do good on a TATA 407.

I tried saying ``No no ... we're just friends'' but it did n't work.. anyway the hot chicky's bf was getting all feely too.

Anyway, so, the last straw was when this wierd ass girl, tiny, like, really tiny, waled out and said to my friend
'' Oh your boyfriend is still waiting for you... so sweet''. My friend said, ``yeh, he's sweet, i like him''

So i thought : Hmm ... big girl, more manly than me, i'm not attracted.
And i thought : hmm ... big ex, also more manly than me, i'm scared.
So i said, ``fuck it'' again, and walked off.

And i spent the rest of the week working. It's the month end, and i'm poor.



Shivangi said...

4WD: hahahaha... hang around CP a lot? Ya right! Give up or I go public!!! Evil is FUN!

4WD said...

Ok fine. I'll give up if you promise to keep my secret... and that means not even tell anyone in real life.

I'll make it worth your while :P


Shivangi said...

my my!

hickey said...

My my is right.. someone IS getting all worried. And gee, here i was worried about being found out!! Anyway, i think its ok to cut out the anonymity aint it? Shivangi, you must tell me how your meeting goes today... blank noise.

Shivangi said...

Of course I don't mean you give up blogging...
Your secret is safe with me!

Khizzy said...

i wanna knw who u are, even though i dont see what diference it'll make to my life!
lol...im one of those people who go insane when they find out theres a secret going around.
besides...im so far away...ur secret will be safe with me.
*ok so im bored*

Ekta said...

u got tagged by me!

Shivangi said...

alrite alrite! I dont know you... at least not yet...