11 February 2006

Feb is a short month.

And most of mine has been quite anal:)

If anyone missed me, my internet stopped working at home. And I can't post from work. There's always people looking over my shoulder, trying to peek in on my mail (interns) or see what i'm filing (boss) or just curious (everyone else).

I've been ill. I havn't gone out anywhere at all. Lust hanging out around at home.

I read War For News... and i cant get it. I mean, ok, a lot of it is accurate... but how in hell's name, do these people get the damn time to post so much???? Don't they work? It must be hard for them to post from work too. Unless they're all on the desk, and free most of the time.

I want to go out tonight, but i probably shouldn't. I should sit and home and watch a shitty movie like along came polly or something.

Im sleepy, but i have to work. Why can't i be more like warfornews people and not have to?

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