14 April 2006

I'm a crush-ee

I've had a busy week. And I havn't gone out in ages. My schedule now goes : Get up - gym - drink protein drink with breakfast- bathe - go to work late - dont do anything spectacular - get sent somewhere - not get a great story - come back -check blogs - sleep.

Fortunately, the inverted pyramid doesn't apply to blogs (or to TV), so I can start my story now :)

Ok, we have all these interns at office. Two of them are very unfit, and not my type. My roomie, though, thinks they're ok. (Healthy hain yaar!) Anyway, they have an intern friend, who's in another department. Now she, is cute. Not my type, and I'm not interested at the moment. But she is quite cute.

Anyway, now here I am, sitting in my chair. Lounging (yes, i lounge in the newsroom. Sue me). Head tilted back, arms behind my head. Feet off the floor. I happen to swivel the chair a little bit, and there she is. Sitting on a table, just looking at me.

I'm looking at her, but she won't look away. She's just undressing me with her eyes. Ok I made up that last bit, but, you get the point. So, anyway, I wave, and she waves back.

Then later, i'm sitting around, and she'll come sit next to me. ``So, how was that assignment? I liked the story.'' Me: ``er, it was ok, nothing special.'' Pinky *thats what i'll call her*:``Must be really hard. I wish i could do that stuff.''

Ok, the thing here is that the assignment in question wasn't particularly hard. Pretty women are forgiven a lot of things, you know.

Then, again, later, i go to a private-ish place to make a phone call. The three of them are sitting there, chatting and giggling. That's what they do. They giggle. As soon as i enter, stage left, two of them exit, stage right. (If you want to imagine that in your head, you'll have to switch the left and right to match the geographical directions).

And she's just there chatting with me. ``Oh, that day when you dropped us in your car, we forget to ask you if you wanted to come to dinner with us!''
Me: ``That's ok. I had plans.''
Pinky: ``You had plans??''
Me: ``Yes I have a life.''
Pinky: ``Oh thank god.''
Me :``Don't worry, we'll get dinner some other time.''
Pinky:``yes yes... we should.''

Now i try and try, but I cannot, Can Not, get the point of that conversation.

Everytime she's in the room, and i'm walking around, I know that this girl is looking at me. I have no idea why. If I were a woman, i could write a post about sexual harrasment, and 132 comments and a fight. And about how I hate that my body is treated like an object. But i'm a man, so i actually quite am in favour of it.

And, i think that another woman has a bit of a crush on my. But more on that in another post :)

Ok ok, so i'm halfway cute, but i'm not like, a male Tyra Banks or anything. But who am I to complain. So I sit down, lean back in my chair, flex my biceps, and smile. It would have been better if my roomie hadn't suddenly said, ``Dude, you've been working out 2 weeks. You have no biceps.''

I'm not attracted to this intern, but it is a big ego boost to be a crush-ee. Bed time now, I have arms and abs at the gym tomorrow.

By the way, its a little late, but I've discovered LimeWire. Land Ahoy, me hearties.


AJ said...

Finally a straight man who enjoys attention regardless! Isn't it grand to be a piece of meat? Heh.

hickey said...

Ha ha!Sounds quite entertaining i must say. You shld go out with her just for the heck of it--who knows:) You do have an exciting life--enjoy!

Rohini said...

There might be interesting post in there abou what your type is...

eM said...

Heh. Ah the love of the interns. So shiny, so new, so hero worshippy. Enjoy it while it lasts! (I used to be an intern too, and sometimes gazed adoringly at my co-workers, who just seemed so damned good at their jobs. And the ones who were nice to me and didn't just pat me on the head and tell me to run along)

Shivangi said...

LimeWire! It indeed is a little late... but what the heck! Its the best thing right in line with BitComet. And speaking of interns... hmmm! :)

Nina said...

hi... im trying to figure out what drives people to host personal blogs, and i'd like to know whats *your* primary motivating factor to record your routine activities for the world to read.

I don't mean to sound offensive, but you don't write particularly well or on very interesting matters and,consequently, don't have a very large readership.

so, what IS it that makes you want to keep posting?

Anonymeena said...

Nina, you will be surprised at the number of people who dont read too well and dont care about interesting matters. Think of this as a stoner blog. It has its own vibe, and this dude does his thing.
Let him be.
4WD- i like ur blog. Reminds me of a place and a time.

4WD said...

AJ ~ Hello. I'm lean meat. Chicken.

Blog ~ she invited me to beer. I turned her down, of course. Nothing a woman wants more than a man she can't have.

Rohini ~ good idea, actually :)

em~ hero worshippy. Yeh, i am actually hero material, now that you mention it.

Shivangi ~ hello. Yes, the interns. why the 'hmm'?

nina ~ why all the existantial angst. Tell me about your father.

Anonymeena ~ thanks bud. what time and what place, if you mind me asking, though

lycra said...

oh dont we all love interns!
We have one in ours too. hot as inferno!! Cute firang boy from australia!!! sultry summers and it's intern time!
otherwise hows it goin?

the wannabe indian punkster said...

ooooo this post brings to mind the new yummy, puerto-rican/irish guy who's an intern at work now.

Err...I hope he doesnt mind being called yummy.

Madame Mahima said...

dude! u just asked her out!
u said -``Don't worry, we'll get dinner some other time.''
thats TOTAL ask-out lingo..isnt it :S
oh boy..i think i might have just realised why i always have shittiest luck with men..

anyhoo..go out with her! see how it goes!
and she only asked dumb questions coz she wanted to have smthg to talk to u about

LOL at ure comment to Nina =D

Anonymeena said...

No biggie bro, i got ur back.
Your blog reminds me of the delhi i know, and of the time when all that mattered was buds, bud, cars and women. A different time, a less complicated time, all rose hued with nostalgia. This was when i was finishing college, a couple of years ago.
PS- The right shoes were very important too.

Nina said...

i don't see why you have to turn this into psuedo-pyscho babble or be rude. its a valid question really... and i like anonymeena's answer better cos it was INFORMATIVE. which is why i dont understand how you'd make it as a journalist, since you can't manage to answer a straightforward question.

i guess the standard of Indian journalism in India isn't very high.

Ekta said...

dude enjoy the attention while it lasts--Shes just having some fun and flirting around--u enoy it too!

Drops Of Jupiter said...

Its an ego-trip isn't it..

silbil said...

aaahh the giggling fits and the pointless conversations...lovely they sound like...
and i am inspired to spice up my blog with all that too...
nina why the exitential angst ha ha ha that was funny...
about that pointless conversation, it is great to get the opposite POV... that is i am an intern(okay not really!) and i have the hots for my boss and such like too...so i identify with the conversation...except that don't know whether women or men in love are funnier...