10 March 2006

I'm back again.

Like Rocky. You know, all the parts. Oh and by the way, there's a movie called `aryan' out soon. From what i see, it looks like all the rockys rolled into one. From the trailer, its got the running on cold streets (rocky 2 or 3?) Pushups (all of them) and the clincher, its got the exact same scene as in rocky 5, you know, when he lets the big mean guy smack him upside the head once, and then hits him when he tries it again?

Anyway, this post is short. I'm typing in a cybercafe with a keyboard that has only hindi characters. Good thing i've been typing since i was 5.

some quick takes :
* today's saturday. Don't have a plan yet, so if anyone (ladeez wonly, pliss) wants to hang out, post here, or email me at fasterajamesfaster@yahoo.com, before 6pm today ,leave your number.
* heh heh ok i know that sounded desperate :) But what the hell.
* Up until yesterday, i had never sat down and had a drink with my mom. She had a pina colada, and when my drink came, i wishd i'd chosen something other than a raging bull, which is just tequila and kahlua.
*I met one of the hottest women i've ever met. But her name's `Sandhu', and she's training to be a helicopter pilot, and when i said hi, she said, ``hello sir.'' ``So, do you like it here?'' ``Sir yes sir.''
* the net is still a little distance away from getting itself a portal inside my house. in a week or so, i should be posting merrily.



Shivangi said...

"...bespectacled reporter in the venerable Daily Planet"

Bespectacled= yes
reporter= yes
venerable= well, ok
Daily Planet= am not too sure!

hickey said...

hey hey
whats up? i am DYING to see you soon

Ekta said...

Can see someone's growing up-learning all the important lessons in life!;-)

Shivangi said...

Well, not that complicated after all...
I DONT know who you are if it comes at the cost of this blog being abandoned... And i'd still stick to the 'bespectacled' reporter bit!

4WD said...

Damn. So you do know. How? im still confused.
blog ~ so, you're back soon eh.

shyam said...

Hmm.. what is with the anon bits anyway? It is not like much about work is being written about and if you are not Matt Drudge or someone, I think a couple of the friends would know at least.

In any case, Delhi journo circle is so tiny that a bit of asking around here and there would get the info out anyway. But to what end really? If you ask me, it is too much about not much anyway.

I used to think that it would make a huge difference when I'd be outed/out myself, though most of my regular readers did know everything about me. Now that that's behind me, nothing's changed. Well, maybe it could also be because I was not too popular in the first place.

4WD said...

my deal for being stig-like, has nothing to do with work. Its just that I have dated / might date some women from this tiny delhi journo circle.

see where i'm coming from?

shyam said...

Hahaha... I do.. I do..

Though I still do think it is kinda pointless. People will talk, period. It is like the strange rumour that I keep hearing out express (a place where I hardly know anyone anymore), every six months that I've run away and gotten married to some female or the other. After a couple of such WTF moments, even the novelty has worn away.

We are vain, painful people with too much interest in the lives of other journos. When there is no real story to tell, they make one up. "You know.. I have seen X&Y talking together a lot.. are you thinking what I am thinking?" and boom it goes..

And we do love to brag, the best bits of info have always come my way esp when I've not asked for it, like in the case of the other anon blogger on this comment window and another anon journo blogger who's now picked up a book deal. Like I say in the affis, our offices leak like water balloons on a porcupine, no point trying to stop it.