08 June 2006

In Defense of yellow + A small dissertation on women.

When my font was yellow, a lot of people said ``eeks yellow'', even though, you know, i'd said it was temporary. What the problem with yellow is, i dont know. What pink is to girls, yellow is to boys.
Case in point : The Yellow mitsubishi lancer. Isn't that sweet?
Case in point 2: The Yellow Skoda Rally Sport. Isn't that also sweet. (And NOBODY give me crap about the skoda being downmarket anywhere outside India... its got a Audi TT engine, and i've seen it bite the ass off one. )

And to defy all those of you that didn't like the yellow, there's a little yellow line on the left side of my template, which will never go away. You can resize the box to make the car, the babe,everything go away, but not the yellow line :)

Now, coming to the women. I think i've figured out what the problem with women is. Well, most women, at least. Not all, i'll admit, but I will extrapolate this thesis to all women. Mainly because i'm in a particularly bad mood.

Here's what I think. Women love to be hard on themselves. They love to beat themselves up. They want to be with a guy thats wrong for them. They never take the easy way out, always hacking through a rain forest with a dull machete. When they should let go, they won't. Decisions that are obvious to any halfway-intelligent onlooker are carried around like water-coolers. Women, i'm telling you, are pointless. And very often, stupid.

How many women do you know that are with a guy that is obviously not right for them, and they're still saying, ``Maybe it can work?''
But how many men do you know in the same situation? Hmm?

When something's obviously over, for whatever reason, how many men do you know that are still hanging on, waiting for the wind to change? Men just go find another ship to sail.

I know a tonne of women, who will let a hundred good things go by, waiting for the wrong thing to become right.

When you give a woman good advice, she's not going to take it.

Which is why you see so many hot, intelligent women with fat ugly slobs. Except those with footballers as significant others. Footballers always seem to have supermodel girlfriends.

If you think about it, you'll see that a lot more women forgive their men for cheating on them than the other way around.

Ok. I know. Some of this is inaccurate. But some of it isn't. But like I said, i'm not in a good mood. Grr.

Also in this issue:
* I've been tagged. Yes, i will respond, albino :P
* I hadn't paid my phone bill for a while, so my DSL was down too. Expect more of me soon, and i'll probably be happier tomorrow, so expect a more sensible, better post.
* I didn;t work out for 2 weeks. But now i'm back. With protein shake, sprouts as snacks, the works.


Casablanca said...

Yellow is tricky, isnt it? Too bright, and it looks too loud. Too pale, and it looks jaundiced. Thin line to thread.

The Marauder's Map said...

Template ok ok. Not very hot, but not as bad as it could be either :D

As to generalisations about women, you know what, I agree with some of what you've said. Some women do tend to find the lousiest bastards and the lousier the bastard is the clingier they get. They do this almost pathologically. Tragic it is, but true.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

I have nothing witty to say about your post, but I notice your links...and I do not see a certain punkster there!

Even after a certain 'four wheel drive:babewatch II' has been sitting on my sidebar....


Ekta said...

*The love to be with a guy whose wrong for them!!!*

Well inspite of being a woman myself I have to agree with you on that one!!:-)

the wannabe indian punkster said...

NOT a feminist?



4WD said...

casa ~ yeh, but the best things in life are yellow. Like Bananas.

Marauder ~ Yeh its not so hot i know... i'm still workin on it.. cant seem to get it perfect. I wish i actually knew HTML and all.

Punk ~ I actually had you on, i thought. Anyway, blogrolling sucks, and i got rid of it. You cant get links to open in a new window with blogrolling.

Ekta ~ I promise a more positive post the next time.

AJ said...

Its the challenge & the hype of hollywood that make women crazy like that. Think of Beauty & the Beast.. Whats all that REALLY about?

4WD said...

Aj ~ dude, come on ... dont you get it ? the beast was probably just really well endowed :P
But yea, women are a little crazy. Nice but a little crazy!

as you can see, i'm feelin better

hickey said...

i think you are just sulking--grow up! women know what they want and if they choose to stay on in loser situations with so called loser men its because that's what they want. and i think you make way too many generalisations... there are men who continue to hang on despite knowing they have been given the boot... its not a gender thing. Maybe you are at the age where women are still like that. Things change with time. They more or less equalise.

4WD said...

Blog ~ Yes. I was sulking. I told you already, before the post :P

But no, I dont want to grow up. I'm growed up enough. Why does everyone want me to grow up?

freespirit said...

err....i am still trying to figure out if this post was triggered off because you dumped someone & got shit for it or you r the dumpee!

the wannabe indian punkster said...

maybe you should change 'NOT a feminist' to 'A feminist'.

and then I wont bother you any further about your links.

I promise:)

Madame Mahima said...

okay first things first...im described as 'tall and cutish'
that implies some degree of DOUBT as to how cute i am (and i think we both agree i AM very cute.)

anyway..the yellow line huh..way to go with asserting yourself and your taste..the yellow line..brr! hahahaha

oh 4wd 4wd we all make mistakes..we women are only human..men screw up too they just dont talk about it as much (hence the lack of statistics when it comes to men choosing the wrong woman etc, etc)
in fact i read in the papers recently that men find it harder to let go, women move on easier (i cant remember if this was in the newspaper or cosmopolitan..anyway)
so yea.
u should real cosmo once in a while..its enlightening!

4WD said...

Freesprit ~ ha ha:) Smart. I'm not telling. Actually, its a conversastion with my dear house-mate that brought it on. And now that i look back, its seems like a stupid post.

Punk ~ ha ha. No. Bug me.

Mahi ~ Yeth, you may be very cute, but cutish is how you described you once, i think :P
I do read cosmo. But i only look at the pictures.