09 April 2008

I've been thinking of posting for a while. And i think this is the perfect time to do it, considering i have a deadline for a story looming large, and i'll get screwed if its not in on time.

As usual, i'll write about a woman. This time, my sister. A former girlfriend who professed to having a thing for women says is very cute. I, of course, don't think so, cos that's just sick. So I will just say that she's smart. And i've just realised that she's smarter than me. And i'll post this g-chat conversation that i had with her to demonstrate.

Sis : (in response to my status message 'Crabs are cute'): and yet u eat them
Sent at 12:03 PM on Wednesday
4wd: i'll show you the whole poem
Sis : show show
4wd: crabs are cutecrabs are sweet
they are full of delicious meat
when u eat u feel like ur in heaven
then u realise that u've gobbled up eleven!
with butter or with chilly or even just with curry
with crabs crabs crabs... never worrryy!
Sis : hehehehehe so cool
4wd: hee hee
whats up
Sis : when you comin home?
then i go offline for a bit, and then come back

4wd: yo supp
Sis : yo yo yo blubber brudder (i dunno why she calls me this, i'm pretty fit)
4wd: hows it hangine
Sis : hangin ok chucky chucka psycho .. how bout u ?
Sent at 7:05 PM on Wednesday
Sis : have u ever heard the whine of those boars that live near the office ? its like the fingernails on the blackboard of the bottom of your soul
Sent at 7:11 PM on Wednesday
4wd: i like it
it sounds like the prelude to a ballet of the making of pork sorpotel
Sent at 7:28 PM on Wednesday
Sis : pork sorpotel from those little buggers seems like it will end in the sonnet of the simmering soup of puke
Sent at 7:34 PM on Wednesday
4wd: true art is never understood in its own time. The ode to the buggers will be deified on the altar of gluttony
Sent at 7:39 PM on Wednesday
Sis : cant argue with the most pious of devotees..whose life is a to and fro pilgrimage between the altar of gluttony and the shrine of shit
Then i dont answer for a bit...because I don't know what to say.

Sent at 7:53 PM on Wednesday
Sis : well bro .. hope ya'll be chillin' at da crib dis weekend coz me thinkin' o' spendin' some fly time popping em c's widy
4wd: c's?
Sis : umm .. i dunno .. hehe
Sent at 7:56 PM on Wednesday
4wd: you're a loon
Sent at 8:02 PM on Wednesday
Sis : thankfully im also also a crab. so im cute . yaay.
Damn it. I am no longer the smartest in my family.


IdeaSmith said...

Khee khee..I don't think you'll ever be the smartest as long as you have that extra Y-chromosome, lurve.

And oh, I'm a crab as well so I'm cute I suppose. :-D Not to be had with chilli, however.

Anna said...

'Karn' ?