22 April 2008

Lessons For [chick] Human Beings.

So, this post is part of my series of lessons for human beings. This one is for the Women. So there isnt much of a post here, there's just a lesson. But believe me, its true.

So here's the lesson.

-- If a guy says to you, 'I'm not the committment type', what he really means is, `I'm not the committment type with you. '--

The truth is, when a guy really likes you, for more than your ass, he will be the committment type. That is the simple truth. End of the lesson.

This comes from a hardcore committment-phobe, so you better believe it. Also, as an aside, for some stupid reason, the moment a guy says to a girl, ``i'm not the committment type'', she loves him.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey man... a simple, short n bang on to the point post... loved this one.. been reading your posts on n off... but seems like u just disappeared... anyhoo... this one "For the chicks" is so true it actually made me gape... experience u kno... but do try n keep posting regularly..love the way u write with a zing..