16 April 2008

My house was vacant for a month, and the last people to visit were my sister and my bestbuddy (seperatately, with his girlfriend). One of them left a copy of Filmfare. So i opened it, and leafed through it. There were a couple of hot pics of Mughda Godse. And a photo-type-feature about an ageing model called Rahul Dev, who chooses a young model from a bunch of pictures and `grooms' him.

Now both of them are fairly good looking guys. But Rahul Dev puts the young'un through a ritual which involves a hair expert after saying, ``something must be done about his hair.'' The hair expert says, ``the problem was that he had re-bonded hair...so we had to touch up the base and correct the re-bonding.''

So here'r my questions.
What the fuc* is re-bonded hair?
If you have to re-bond hair, dont you fuc*ing have to bond it first?
And if you correct re-bonding, shouldn't the fuc*ing thing be called 're-re-bonding'.
Who the fuc* comes up with these things?

shite... i'm really out of date, no? But i still believe men should know only two kinds of hair for themselves. Hair, and no hair.

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