12 December 2005

I'm a confidante!

So this is a post about a boy.
No i'm not in love with him. I didn't ask him out. Cos i don't do that. I'm into women. Not against being into men, thats ok, just that i'm not into it. Like some guys (mostly punjabi guys) like their women ``healthy''. Not me, thank you, I like them skinny.

Anyway, so this kid, lets call him, `Kid'. He's 18, but a lot heavier than me.

Anyway, Kid has been working on a story for a month now. It'll make a good writer's piece, but no big deal.

Anyway, a few days ago he came and asked me advice on some debate. Er... he doesn't even know me. And to top it all off, he interns here, but he doesn't read the paper.

So anyway, he keeps asking me for advice on the story, and i always say, ``get the story over with, and move on''.

So today he comes up, and says, ``Can you give me advice on my career?''
Me : ``Advice? uh. what sort?''
Kid: ``When did you start working?''
Me: ``Er, just now???''
Kid:``How do i proceed in my career?'' (like i'm frigin bejan daruwala)
Me: ``I dunno dude. You should just graduate first''
Kid: ``Thank you... thank you for the advice... i feel like i can trust you.''

info about me : I had no idea what i wanted to do till I did it. Now i know i want to do journalism, but i'm not sure i want to do exactly what i'm doing... i wanna do something different.

(at a later stage in the conversation) Kid : ``Can i intern here, and submit articles to another paper?''
Me: ``Eh? what's wrong with you? thats wrong. You'll get thrown out. Its totally unethical''
Kid: ``oh. I didn't know. I've never been able to talk about these things to anyone. I considered talking to *metro editor*.'' (jeez)
Me: ``Havn't you ever worked anywhere? like a summer job or something?
Kid: ``No. We don't have that culture in Kanpur.''

still later, after he bitches to me about my roomie, he says,

Kid: I need someone I can trust. I think that someone is you. I love you. (ok, the last bit i put in, but i swear he was thinking it.)

So i said, ``Dude, dont trust me. Don't accept any of my advice. I can't take responsibility for your life!!!''
Kid : ``Yes of course. You're so honest."

Why can't women like me this much?

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Shivangi said...

Dude, you're seriously hilarious!