22 December 2005

women, i tell ya.

So i went out with my buds. And we did the ``blocking race'' on the way back. `Blocking race' may sound like a stupid name, but thats just cos i just made it up. Here's how it works. It needs 2 men, in 2 cars. Usually it just sponateously breaks out. Needs to starting grid.

It happens when one car gets in front of the other. The other will try to get in front, but the car in front won't let him. So the car behind tries his best to get in front. Its more challenging if the car in front is faster than the one behind. It eventually ends with a battle of nerves, when the back-car powers through a little space, almost touching the front-car. Whoever chickens out first, loses. The winners gets to stick his finger out and yell ``woooohoooo girly boy''.

This time, i was in DaBussinessman's qualis, and Monk was in the esteem. I was behind. But i won when overtook from the wrong side of an 18-wheeler, missing the wall by an inch, when Monk thought I would chicken out.

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Möbius said...

adrenaline rush from blocking race to getting rejected and then gettign an online offer for making out ... what a roller coaster ride