14 December 2005

So, i'm watching Sidhu on NDTV right now. There's some pretty stupid things going on.

Like :

Lady on phone: ``I am sixty-five, following cricket since ...''
Sidhu. ``You look twenty-five, madam, from your voice.''


``Man has his will, woman has her way,'' (to sonali)
``I see the world, no the selectors , as a fruitcake... it wont be complete without a few nuts. They're going nuts''. (er, the point?)
``This has happened from Times immemorial''. (times is a paper)
``I would rather have a pumpkin, all to myself, and sit on it, than sit on a crowded sofa.''

But thats not all... there's also this girl (off the streets of cal) who says, ``As a bengali, I dont support this decision. I am very upset,'' (all with a broad smile)

Cricket, i tell ya. Why can't more people be into more participatory sports. Like roller-blading.


hickey said...

I tell you! Its pretty hilarious.. and worse still when yu work for a tv company... i spent all of yesterday morning hoping i could pass on the buck and the match would not end while i was on air. So it did... just four minutes before i was off... and they spend three of those four debating whether to crash in with this big news.. or the earthquake or just sit still. I won and escaped without having to chat with Sidhu! By the way, whats yur beat? and where do yu work?

4wd said...

I work at a biggish paper. As a matter of internal policy, i don't say which, cos then you'll probably know who i am. Or, well, you'll suspect.

Its not a best-selling paper, but everyone (in the business at least) has to read it :)

ANd i cover all sorts of stuff... but my beat is officialy local politics.

On my blog, i'm doing the whole Stig thingy :)

You're with, ND, i presume?

Ekta said...

This is hilarious!
Shitty i missed it..wld have loved to see some more sidhuism's!

hickey said...

hmnnn yes i am. FE? Never mind. Frankly with my hickeyisms and your search for the perfect woman chances of either of us screwing the other over are minimal.. so cheers!

4wd said...

FE? come on :) do i come across as the business type?

I didn't mean business journalism, i meant business of newspapers.

but you're actually right about the rest. Except everyone else on the web will know too :P

so, some-day :)


hickey said...

Indeed. I am quite dense... despite being in the profession i know few people outside of television. Myopic at best. So anyway thanks for all the wisdom. I reaally need to move on but cant quite figure out how. Fling?!

Shivangi said...

So, IE?

4wd said...

In my limited experience, flings don't really help you move on. You just have them, and forget them. It wont change anything. Like a little (good) abberation.

If it does anything, it just lets you know that other fish are biting too :P

Shivangi ~ ah so you're watching. No not ie. stop guessing !!! the day you guess right, i'll just lie.