20 December 2005

What's with happy endings?

I went to see `Bluffmaster'. Good. Very watchable. And as much as I hate to admit it, the junior bacchan looks decent. And acts decent too.

I thought about her (see my last post) a fair amount through the movie.

Yea, she was cute (especially when she decided it was hot, and took her sweater off). But that wasnt why i thought of her all.

Imagine knowing someone, and not knowing anything about that person, except that his, or her, mother is just about to die...

I mean, i don't even know her last name.

as an aside : If you watch bluffmaster, don't miss roy's the cool car. Looks like a mustang. What I wouldn't do for a car like that. I'd even agree to not shoot priyanka chopra in the knee with an airgun everytime she said anything. (she's hot and all, but a bit pf a piss off)


Ron said...

Read through your previous post. What do you say to someone whose mother is going to die? I wouldnt know what to say and therefore wouldnt call her..ever.

As for Bluffmaster, dying to watch it...loooove abhishek bachchan...so hot!!!! *drooools*

Ekta said...

Hey bluff masters released?????
Have been waiting to see it...unfortunately we dont have the luxuries of watching hindi movies on big screen in HK..:-(

4wd said...

ron ~ Yeh. Well, i messaged her. I dont know why. Ah well.

ekta ~ well, you can wait till the DVD's out.

What is with the abhishek bacchan. every woman i know, my mom included, is in love with him.