08 December 2005


So, after a premature rejection, I've figured out why men are scared of women. Well, its not an original theory at all, i've just figured it out.

Men are afraid of rejection. Cos it hurts the ego.

There that is my theory. Ok, its not big, but its ok.
So i figure, if you get rejected enough times, you'll get used to it and not care. Like learning to ride a bike. You fall off. you learn. actually that doesnt really explain it.

Ok, like racing bikes. You race them, and when you fall the first time, you realise, ok, it didn't kill me, so its ok.... so you go do it again... of course if it kills you, you don't go do it again. That would be stupid.

Tucker Max says you shouldn't care ``if the girl is going home with you''. According to him, if you don't care, not pretend to not care, it works better. Don't ask me why... Don't ask me why i read him even.. i dont want to be like him... he's just funny.

ok, so the last bit was pointless.

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Delhi's Deviant said...

yea baby. but that's also the reason were hindered by the limitation of just two balls. and if we're taught early in life to cushion, protect and keep them from all harm, it gets kind of difficult to put them out there to be whacked. and no amount of experience is going to change that awful stone-in-the-stomach feeling of getting your balls whacked after yet another rejection. which is why a guy came up with the adage-prevention is better than cure.