16 December 2005

It was Beauty killed the Beast...

I saw king kong.

This, of course, is Jessica Lange, from the old one. Not the new babe. The Special Effects are mind blowing in this one. Better than LOTR. But Ms. Lange is hotter. And, believe it or not, she shows more skin than the 2005 version.

But really, i can see why these hotties like Kong so much. I mean, tall (25 feet, at last measure), dark, could pass for hand some, and has a really big ........... nose. Ok not nose.

Funny. King Kong's King Dong.

Really. Go watch the movie. Make Peter Jackson richer, he deserves it.

As an aside, you know what I really dont like? Holding hands with girls during movies. It should be ok in a film that you don't really want to watch, like any romantic film. It should be ok in comedies too, cos then you're laughing and dont care.

But action movies. No. Thats just distracting. I mean, women tend to squeeze your hand at the exact moment when your mind is supposed to `whoa'. Instead, you just go `wh-frickin-ouch'. You have to look away from the amazing fight between Kong and the 3 t-rexs (godzilla:). You can't appreciate the subtlety of kong's pile-driver if you have to keep shaking her hand off.


Ron said...

I dont find the idea of a giant gorilla very fascinating. But everybody is absolutely insisting that we see this movie. Its wort it you say?

4wd said...

Completely worth your money. At least, it was worth the 150 bucks i aid. If you're gonna pay like, 700, and get those big sofas that everyone hears about, but noone's ever seen, I think you'll be better off watching the `The Sting'.

You must go.

Shivangi said...

Must watch must watch... i have been dying to watch this one!

SonnyBoy said...

Point taken Dood!! Will watch ASAP

Sanjay said...

I think you'll be better off watching the The Sting

Sanjay said...

This is my frist comments wish he all the best .

The Moderator said...

Okay, dig it:

Jessica Lange did not star in "The old one". She was cast in the 1976 remake of the original King Kong from 1933 where the role of Ann Darrow was crafted by the wonderfully damselish, Miss Fay Wray.

So, Ann Darrow:
1933 -- Fay Wray
1976 -- Jessica Lange
2005 -- Naomi Watts

And there ya go.