20 December 2005

Mile High

Ever since I remember going somewhere by aeroplane, or train even, it has always been a dream to get a seat next to a hot woman.

The last time that happened was, umm, when i was was 8 I think. My mum, my sis and I were travelling somewhere in a train, and there was some problem with our tickets. Anyway, two really cute women offered to share their coupe with my sis and me. They gave us two chints one berth, and the two off them, all growed up and all, took the other. Looking back, it was a lot hotter than i knew it was then.

Well, today I flew Air Deccan. Shitey airline. The airhostesses look all frumpypoo in their blue and yellow... things (i dont know what those frick dresses are called!)

Anyway, the check-in queue was really long. They said computer problem, i thought it was just ineptitude. Anyway, two queues away, i saw this really pretty girl. She was with someone. She was wearing this tikka on her forehead. She was dressed really well too. Thin, tallish, just my type.

Anyway, so I looked at her. I dont know if she looked back, i wasn't wearing my lenses. But i thought she did.

As luck would have it, both of us checked in at the same time.

Now, there's another queue for security check. This damn airline has so many queues, i just love them.

So, she was right behind me in the queue. I didn't know if she was going the same place as me, so I just looked pretty. Didn't try anything.

As luck would have it again, the chaos at the check-in counters meant free seating. So I engineered it so i got the seat right next to hers.

Anyway, we chatted. She was sweet. Except i dont think she could hear me very well, and everytime i made the right joke to make, she said, ``what's that?'' Never ``excuse me,'' or ``i didn't get that''. Just ``what's that?''

Anyway we chatted some more. She shared her water with me (this is AirDeccan, you have to BUY it). She's a student here, but lives in Delhi. She said she missed the first 20 days of college, and had to go back for ``some issues at home''.

We chatted some more. The dude in the leather jacked next to me was wishing he'd got the good seat (i.e. the middle.. heh) The dude in front of me with the blue monte-carlo sweater was chatting with this new mom (not hot by a long shot) about her travels.

She asked me about reporting. Asked me about covering the bomb-blasts.

Eventually she told me that she had to go back home for her mother. WHen she went home, she just went cos her sis's were down. Her mom had gall stones. But a few days before she arrived, her mom was diagnosed with cancer, in it's final stages. ``Every day that we spend with her is a bonus. The doctors told us she had only a few days to live'' she said. And she had tears in her eyes.

I felt so helpless. I wished i could do something. But i could just listen. I guess she needed to talk.

She had wanted to stay, but her mom wanted her to get back to college.

After telling me, she said, ``That felt a lot better''

We didn't get each others name till we'd both walked out of the airport.

I wonder what'll happen. I have her number, and i will call her, but i dont know if i can hit on her. I don't know if her mom will be alive when i call her. I know she has to go. I wonder how she'll deal with it.

As an aside, I forgot to x-ray my bag, and held up the whole flight.



Shivangi said...

Mile High... interesting concept. Just a little crammed i would imagine? :)
Ok, and let me get back to something I love doing... So, Hindu??? I'll keep the secret... cross my heart and swear to die!!!

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Shivangi said...

eh? whats the smile supposed to mean?