05 December 2005

No women. Just stupid.

Hello world.

Not a nice day. So many decisions. I mean, why can't life just go they way you plan... why do you have to work so hard to get the bloomin plan to work? Compromise with this one, beg with that one, cajole with a third, steamroll no. 4. Jeez.

Anyway. Today (well, technically, late late last night), i did something stupid :)
Online. Now that's a first.

but you can read all about it here.

It takes a stpid man to be stupid. But it takes a brave man to go and tell everyone he was stupid, and then show them all evidence so they never forget.
But its ok. I'm anonymous, and I don't care what you all think of me, so here.

And the sad part about it all is, i actually had something really good to say to the guy. Good as in, bad for him. But now its lost.

Its like when you get into an argument with someone, and you come home, and then the killer come-back comes to you? I feel like that now.



Ron said...

i read that comment on greatbong and read his reply as well...well at least you agree it was stupid
:-) thanks for the helpful tips u left on my blog...sooooo much betterthan being superbitch!!!

Delhi's Deviant said...

awww man....a political post??who wants to read that??when you gonna review NFS properly?for those of us with P3's???

4wd said...

hmmm ...I make my living out of writing political stuff. Except i write about people, and then tell them to go read it :)

The more you kick their asses, the more they love you man.

NFS most wanted> Get it. The races havn't changed since many NFSs ago. Still the same. Remember that fiasco, not a long time ago, NFS Underground 2? this is the same, with every wrong made right. But the thing about this is the cop chases. Just like on Police Videos. they'll make rolling road blocks, SUVs will come ram you, Even a helicopter will swoop low and try to stop you.

Anyway 150 from palika ... i mean.... 1200 from music world is a good deal.


Ekta said...

heheheh cldnt stop laughing when i read the string of comments after ur comment!

Man did all of them just ket themselves loose on u!!!!!!..heheh:-)

The Marauder's Map said...

First time I saw someone apologize for an unjustified belligerent comment they'd left on someone's blog and then admit they didn't get the point of the post. It takes guts to do that. (Maybe you were drunk when you wrote the apology too?)

Hopefully, I'm not sounding too much like 'yourfan' :D

4wd said...

ekta ~ yeh. totally. I almost got scared that someone would look up my IP, track me down, barge into office and shoot take potshots at me with a sawed-off shot gun. ``Don Yourfanione sends his or her regards!''

Marauder ~ If i were really really drunk, i'd have said some really stupid things, and not gone back to the blog, cos i wouldn't have remembered :) Sometimes, you can pass off stupidity for drunken ness. Bu there is something fishy about this yourfan character.
Other than that, i really like your blog. Its great to see you here!