30 November 2005

why men like games like NFS MW

NFS MW is Need for speed - most wanted. And here's my take on why men like games like this. I'm talking about big boys. You know, with jobs and lives... not little kiddie widdies. Which is probably i will never play `ragnarok'. Someone said (in press talk, which is K's blog, who is the someone in question) that games like ragnarok are the next big thing. Here's why i think that those are for boy-boys, and not man-boys (like me :P). We play games with speed, fire, and of course women. So i play NFS, Doom, Max Payne, (love duke nukem) (even loved death rally) and of course Grand Theft Auto. Which is why you now see Prime time tv ads for NFS MW and DOOM :) (and not ragnarok. My 9 year old bro plays that. And beyblade..)

So, without further ado. Why i like this game :

1) Mia is your girlfriend. Played by Josie Maran. Ooh.
2) You don't have to say a word throughout the game. Razor calls you a girly-boy, cross runs his keys across the door of your BMW, and you just sit quiet. And mia still wants to hook up with you. Screw intelligent (or any) conversation.
3) Mia drives really well. She races with you. She's not like most girls, so she won't say ``slow down'' or think that if she yells loud enough, the brake will automatically activate.
4) Mia , always, wears very little.
5) Other than mia, you can own all sorts of cars, from Mazdas to Gallardos, and yes even the Ford GT40. The little ford that could take on a ferrari.
6) You can drive like a nutcase, and win. Screw race lines.
7) You can do fishtail manouvres on cops. And it works. Like in world's wildest police videos.
8) You can take your Mustang (or Audi Quattro) STRAIGHT into a wall, at 150 MILES per hour, and only windscreen smashes. And by the next race, its ok.
9) Your Nitrous Oxide recharges as you drive.
10) You have nitrous oxide.
11) You always win.
12) You have Mia. (well, i have her for now, i havn't finished the game).


hickey said...

You know i tried some of these games... the speed was fun but i could not keep up. I then tried some virtual-relaity bike racing kind of games and i found myself lurching from side to side each time the bike moved. Needless to say it was quite a ride and just when i was getting the hang of it i started to feel sick. i should try again. And incidentally how do i get strange people ( you know who) from tuning into my blog and writing nonsense?

4wd said...

one word. Delete. :) use it. You have no idea how much i use it with the one-who-should-not-be-named... oh what the hell... volde.. er, i mean Docs-stupidass lying-dope.

Anonymous said...

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K said...

I've finished enough games in the NFS series - I'm playing bits and pieces of MW and I like what I see - and on career mode you do manage to bang up your car a fair bit and have to pay for repairs - driving into a wall isn't a great id - and no I don't like Ragnarok - I was just writing about the phenomenon - personally I'm waiting for Halo 3 and Soul Calibur 3 right now as well as the next iteration of GTA. However, MMORPG's are hits for a reason quite different than than you think.

4wd said...

no no.... in career mode too, you don't have pay for repairs.

rpgs may be a big hit... but isn't broadband making playing online games like NFS and halo and all a whole lot more popular?