16 November 2005

Bengalis :P this is actually funny.

First off, why do i have to manually change the post date everytime i post. Isn't there a way to automate this?

Ok, now this is funny. If you're in the media, you know the number of journalists that are bengali. They run the damn media. Anyway something funny came in on PTI yesterday. I hope its not a crime to take it off PTI and post it here.

Here it is. (I havn't done any editing. Its just here as PTI sent it)

Army Army to chalk out blueprint to induct more bengalis?
¦Kolkata, nov 16 (PTI) why aren'T enough bengali youthscoming forward tojoin the armed forces??
¦This was a question that held the attention of WestBengal Chiefministerbuddhadev bhattacharjee and goc-in-C, Bengal area, maj gen Arun roye,longenough to envisage a blueprint for induction of more youngsters from thestate in the Army.?
¦During a tete-a-tete, the duo pondered over what wascoming in the wayofbengalis looking at the Army as an employer.?
¦"We talked about this at length. The Chief minister saidwe must chalkout aplan to create awareness among the bengali youths and encourage them tojointhe Army," maj gen roye told reporters at the state secretariat.?
¦He said the Army was ready to create awareness at theblock level togenerate interest among the masses.?
¦"We find that most bengali youngsters who come for thescreening testshavepoor health and eyesight. We also talked about how to address thisproblemso that those looking at joining the Army can come physically preparedtotake on its rigours," the maj gen said. PTI sbp pr kc 11162154 del??


when I was younger i wanted to drive a tank. I realy wanted to be in the army, sometimes I still want to. But luckily figured out soon enough that i'm not willing to kill people for reasons that i may not always believe in. Ah well. So i'm here posting.


Ekta said...

hey this article does read funny!

If only they could worry more about why so many bengalies dont have food to eat...life wld be much easier!:-)

Docs Dope said...

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4WD said...

eh? panties? Deeyood... Isn't liking panties a 7th standard obsession? dude, as long as they're on women, i'm ok. I mean, a woman wearing a thong is hot, but i'm not interested thongs if they're on mannequins:)


thalassa_mikra said...

I'm still trying to figure out what's so funny about this.

It's probably desirable to have Bengali speaking soldiers at least along the Indo-Bangladesh border. Hence makes sense to have a recruitment drive for Bengali soldiers, if there aren't enough of them.

And Ekta last I checked, there's no large scale famine in Bengal at this time, so that comment is strange.

4WD said...

mikra ~
A) Its not funny funny, like frasier funny, or even sienfeld, or even no entry funny. But its just a sort of friendly dig at all the bongs, cos tehre's so many (successful) ones in the media. And me being from the media... so, no offence meant.

b) I really don't know how wise a decision it would be to post bengali speaking soldiers along the Indo-Bangladesh border. That's as wise as putting Kashmiri soldiers on the line of control. Think about it uno momento :)