11 November 2005

Dissappointment 1

So, i'm sad.

I started out thinking, ``ok, today, i'm going to be a babe magnet. Every babe I talk to is going to get that vibe from me.''

I think, at least, i got that part right.

So, i started the day late, like 3. When you're a print journo, you can do that sometimes. So i went, drove my sexy beast to the Central Secretariat Metro Station. I felt cool. I felt like `the man'. (you know, the one with the plan?) So i screeched into the parking lot, and the attendant saluted me. heh heh. The man is in town. The lot is mud, so i did little burnouts, which would eventually had led to donuts, had there been enough space, and no cops around.

Then i thought, ``hmm, Metro Station. Always has cute women. Today i'm confident. I think i'm gonna chat me up one. first step to hooking up.''

So i bought my token (no, not ticket, token). The CISF guy frisked me, really hard, and i thought he lingered a little longer than he should have where he shouldn't have. They checked my bag. then i went in. I sat in the train.

LOTS of women. NONE of them were cute. One was really funny, with fat in the wrong places, and seemed to smile oddly, at some guy who didn't look like he was looking at her.

Anyway, so i went did my work, got back to the metro at Kashmere Gate to get back to my car. Got frisked. Got my bag checked. Got in the train. Again. Not one cutie.

Then, life changed. Well, not really, but when i got out of the train i saw her.
As soon as a stepped out, i turned right. I glanced left, and there was a stairway leading up, and walking towards it, i could see this really hot body. Her hair was really long, like she could be in a Garnier Ad.

Anyway, when she turned to get onto the stairway, she could see me, and i saw her face. Man, she was model material, the stuff that dreams are made of. So i froze, turned, and began walking towards her.

When i did that, she stopped too. And she watched me walk towards her. She did it in a sort of funny way. Like, she didn't just turn her neck to look at me, she turned from the waist. Like she had a crick in the neck, or my sis's barbie dolls. Anyway, she followed me, with her eyes. (wow, that actually sounds good)
When i got on the stairs, i was just behind her, so she turned to look at me, (yes from the waist, in that funny way).

Then she said, ``Me?'', with this really hot, inquisitive look. I had not said anything to her, not motioned, not even blinked, where did she think i said anything?

But it took me completely by surprise. I didn;t know what to do. I froze. ``er, no,'' i said. Sheeesh. even that was inaudible.

She said, ``ok,'' and walked on. I followed her for a bit, even to the wrong entrance. But she was gone, my courage was all phut.


Like my sensei said once, ``you've lost your chance. Now you can't get it back. Come back next session, try again.''

I got in my car. `Wonderwall' began playing as soon as i slid the face of the system into place.

ah well.

On another note, i'm happy today also. I got my first Rejoinder!!!! owwoooooooooooooo

The government sent it in, for a story i did, denying that the guy ever spoke to me. My chief reporter said, ``Fuck them''. So i will. Tomorrow, i get to write, in FIRST PERSON, why they are dickheads. Cool or what? hope it goes ok.

On yet another note, i'm sad. Cos no-frickin-body reads my blog. My counter today said 5 unique people read it. 5. one of them is me.



K said...

You just started blogging, it'll take some time to get traffic really moving. btw where do you work?

4WD said...

Well, hey, K, i love you :) Not sexually, no. But you're the first ever human post i got. I work in a paper here, where a lot of bloggers are from. I'm not gonna tell you which paper exactly, cos i'm doing that whole Stig thingy:P