09 November 2005

test post

This is a test post. To boldly go where no ... er... no.. WARP SPEED captain! Beam me up scotty. *slap on butt* ``Run along now, Man Talk'' (for the uninitiated, thats James Bond in gold finger, smacking that babe on the butt and saying that.. wow.. thats why all men love james bond)

So, If, for any reason, anyone, is reading this post, which i dunno why you would, cos its, well, unadvertised, you know, i'll be posting. And its about, WOMEN :) so read. pliss. Every writer likes to be read, i dunno why, i mean, its like some perverse exhbitionist thing. You know, like those women, in those porn stories, who wear the little skirts, and no panties? and they like men looking? well, i think writers are like that. Us men too. We want our writer-panties to be seen.

So i'm just discovering this thing.

I can do italics. And BOLD, with keyboard shortcuts. Like in word. neato.

I might like this shit. So, everyone's bloody blogging. I've always wanted to, but i never knew what i should blog about. You know, i had nothing to say. Now i think i do. I always wanted to be serious, you know, like about real things. Like government. Well, for now, i'll let that be, and let my blog be about women. Well, about me and women. So who am i? bwah. this is a test post, you dont get all that here.

Thats in the next post. if you read. pliss? pretty pliss? anyway, lets see how this shit works.


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