29 November 2005

here's a post

You know, its fun to not recognise someone, especially a girl. you know, she comes up to you and says, hello, and you say, hi, and she says, ``er... don't you remember me? i'm so-and-so".

and you say ``no''.

good fun, in a strange, perverse way.

I went on an assignment that i could actually write oodles about. But then my secret identity wouldn't be secret anymore. And its serious stuff, so its not in character with this blog.

Why dylan. Why not, i say?


Docs Dope said...

yuck..is that ur pic..ur so ugly dude

4w said...

What can one say? I'd resolved to delete all of this guys comments without looking.

Buddy. Thats not me. That's bob dylan. He inspired a generation.

Holy Diver said...

Dylan is a whiney hot air bag. Yes he inspired a generation - to do drugs!

And hey who are you to say I have NOTHING to say? I have plenty, and you shall see. Beware.

gautami tripathy said...

Whatever. You guys keep up with your fight.

Dylan is cool...