09 November 2005

why the blog... now?

So here it is. My first post which is not the first test post.

This is about me, and why i'm blogging.
Firstly, i'v always wanted to blog. But i never knew what i should blog about. I had nothing to say. Nothing. Well, nothing i ever wanted to share with you chumps.

What do i do for a living. I write. I wish i wrote for kids, or even porn. but no, i write for a newspaper. So i must trawl the city, looking for something wrong. Then i hype it up a bit, and boom. Its a job. its fun. I know some important people :)

By the way, for my post grad, my dissertation was on blogs. I just did it cos i had 3 days left, hadn't started, had no access to any libraries, so i did some ``qualitative analysis'' on blogs. heh heh . You know whats funny? the word ``analysis'' has the word ``anal'' in it. heh heh.

Anyway, so, what am I. I'm a normal guy. I'm not, like, super-stud material. I'm just normal. I'm fit, but i'm not like muscular and ripped. If i try, i'm sure i can be. It can't be that hard.

So, since i'm normal, i've had girlfriends. Well, i started a little bit late, but i've had. My first was in 11th standard. Well, she was never really my gf, but she was hot, and she cuddled with me a lot, and let me feel her up, and occasionaly, i could kiss. But she had an OLDER guy too! i mean, he was like 10 years older than her. That was like 7 years ago. Damn woman. She said, ``I need someone older, more mature, financially secure.'' To her credit, she's still with him, and going to get married soon, and i'm writing about my search to get nailed.

anyway, next came the `best friend'. yeh we kissed once, but she wanted to be the best freind. Well, sorry. I let that happen for a while, but thats over too.

then there was my first real girl. ok, so she was hot, and almost 9 feet tall. Well, she was 5'11''. And i'm just about 5'8. That went on for like 2 years. Ended, cos she was hooking up with some guy she said ``is my faraway cousin''. Yeh. So we broke up, and i didn't tell her about the one drunken nite with the best friend. So i come out on higher moral ground.

Then there was the last one, which ended, like a month ago. She was a doll. She wasn't perfect, but i loved her. I think i always will, a little. But that had to end. we wont talk about why. ever. (no not penis size, f**c off)

anyway. So i've always been a nice guy, with the women. Not with everyone. Ask the guys i race with. well used to race, now i have to work in this crap city, with no hills to race.

But other than that, i'm not the kind that walks upto a woman at a bar and asks for her number... well... too scared :)

So i've never had a one night stand.

But now i have a new goal. I wanna hook up.

No love here. I'm not lookin for any sort of relationship. Just hook up.

And i figure now that i have a goal, i have something to write about.

so, here it is. lets see now, how this unfolds.


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