27 November 2005

PR Women.

There is a massive difference between the PR people that government departments employ, and that private firms employ. Of course, thats a no brainer. But in government agencies, you almost can't tell the difference between the men and women PR people. Except in one hospital, where the PR lady looks and acts like cruella DeVille. Except her hair is all black. (if she had the CM's hair, she'd look exactly like cruella)

Anyway, the PR girls at private firms are good fun. If you're bored of the funny man at the press con, you can chat them up. Except they won't chat when the funny man is talking. And they like you more if you have a tv crew :)

Thats one reason I envy the girls that work at features (well, its mostly girls, i know very few men who do. Except one who used to, and is now a top crime reporter). I mean, what's the point of it? They get to meet all the cute PR girls. And all the PR men are funny looking loons. well, most i've met (but to be fair, i've met very few).

Anyway, i met this nice looking pr lady. (there is a reason i call her a lady, and not a girl). I flirted with her a bit, threw a bit of spiel about how us city reporting guys are more comfortable in the street, doing the dirty work. Anyway, i smsed her a few times to get some info, then i asked her to coffee/drinks.

She said, ``sure, my husband and I will join you''. Sheesh. I didn't know. I swear.

Anyway, I said sorry, she said, ``no really, join us sometime.'' Why would I? Thats would be so odd, a couple going out with a single guy. Ah well.

I'll go back to playing NFS.



Ron said...

Lol. Interesting to know how male journalists think of us (other than the "oh god not another PR creature" attitude I mean). And yeah ur right, we don't like to talk much when the funny man is speaking at a press conference. But dude, TV crew or no TV crew, not many of us will meet you for tea/coffee outside of work...some agencies (like the one I used to work for at the beginning of my career) have strict rules on the same. The PR lady in question was most tactful I must say. What a brilliant way to say no politely and get the message across.

hickey said...

sheesh!! ha ha ha ha ha! that is quite funny. I do this ALL the time... funnily married men are less forthcoming about their wives.. they mumble incoherently hoping you dont notice!!! I know some cool pr women. single. maybe ill hook yu up with them!

4wd said...

Bloggerhead ~ I don't why, but you are my biggest fan (ok, only fan).

Ekta said...

This is hilarious!...
Well all I can say is..Dude..keep trying..better luck next time!:-))