15 November 2005

what i look for in a woman.

Someone mentioned me on their blog. Yay. Here. It was a very neutral post. Nothing special, but at least i got mentioned. No raves, no rants. Just a mention. You know, like in those top 100 countdown shows on mtv. ``and at 64 is -- . No change, lets move on ot 63. '' i'm 64 on this post.

anyway, so here's what i'm doing. These are the things i like in women. Ideally. Like the perfect date.

1)ok, she has to be, well, fit. I mean, she can't really be unfit. See, this is all politically correct posting. I'm not saying fat. I'm sorry, but i am shallow. My roomie says i should let go of my skinny-obsession, and try going out with a non-skinny girl. ``Very comfortable,'' he says. But then, he is Punjabi.

2) Intelligent is good. I dont care even if she's a PhD, i can probably still probably make good conversation with her. But not if she thinks carrying on a conversation about some vague books, which i probably have not read, makes her smart. Really, its amazing how many people equate having read a lot of books with being smart, intelligent, perceptive and all that jazz. Yeh, i read a fair amount too, but its not everything, you know.

3) She should wear a thong :)

4) Women sitting across the table from me, talking about their ex's. Complete turn of. I mean, if they said, ``ooh he had a really small beanstalk'' i would be happy. But do not go on an on about how you loved him so, and how you were so stupid and kept going back for seconds, or how you were with him for so long, or how happy you were, or what a nice guy he was, or how he was so spontaneous, or anything!!! Just say, ``oh i havn't met him in a while.''

5) When I'm driving, i hate it when women say, ``slow down''. What i hate even more more is when women say, `` you should change the gear now.'' Why? I know when to change the gear, and she probably doesn't know what the difference between RpM and Revs are!

6) A little bit slutty, just a little, is good :)

7) offer to pay. Let me pay the first time, but offer to pay. And the second time, pay.

ok, thats all i can think of for now. If i think of more, that will be another post. More post-karma.



Shivangi said...

haha... he hee... Oops, sorry! I know you are not essentially 'looking' just blogging. But would you, if you got a chance? and before you jump to any conclusions,I am not hinting at anything here. Gee, ppl do start thinking fast :) so where u working?

4WD said...

Yeh totally! Where do i work? i can't tell you. You'd probably know my byline. And i'm doing the whole stig thingy :P