14 November 2005

this is some funny shites

so.. i was looking at some blogs, you know, so I might actually get some people to read me. I chanced upon some really hilarious gooby. I'll just link you to the post. When you read it, it may be possible that you read it with a ``i'm into reading about peoples funny dreams cos its so deep mode'', but really, read it in funny mode. its really funny... hee hee


sorry mr. pareshaan. Its funny.

now the sad part, for me, is that this dude has more readers than me.


Shivangi said...

Well, I shall keep a regular watch on your blog... Not that I am interested, just the sadist in me I guess!!! heh!

Pareshaan said...

Dude you got a new reader, though your post really is rather random. You found my post funny?
I don't get your sense of humor, but then whatever works for you I guess - hope you find some more readers!