13 November 2005

What do women really want?

Well, anyway, i went out last night. With a girl. yeh, i know, thats sorta obvious, but not really, cos i dont have enough posts for ye all to know for sure.

well, anyway, she wanted to talk about books and all. I think i've read a wee bit more than her, but she wanted to be all intellectually and all.

Schmuckity Shmoo.

Why can't women just chat like guys? you know, we talk about cars. Or bikes. or women.

Is it just women that want to talk about books and all, or are there men like that too? i dont know any of those kind of guys. All my buddies back home talk about motorised. and women. but we dont really discuss like, all the emotional stuff.

e.g. here's what a conversation between me and my child-hood buddy (we rode our bicycles over graveyards as kiddies) would sound like, if we were talking about women. We'll call him Klaus.

4- Hey rockstar. What's up?
Klaus - nothing bugger. Just spoke to my baby back in *foriegn country*. waiting for my visa to come thru.
4- oh. How's that going?
kl- pretty cool. She's earning a lot. And has cute roomies.
4- yeh? Don't flirt with them. you'll get in shit.
kl - hey whats up with Squeamy? (squeamy is a made up name. but we both made out with her, at different times, not together.)
4- nothing man. i dont wanna talk to her. can i tell her you told me told me about you guys, so i have a reason to talk.
kl - no bi*ch. Then she won't make out with me.
4 - why the fug would you wanna make out with her?
kl - My baby will never find out.
4 - but... squeamy is... hairy. (now, that's not a nickname. She really is. When i made out with her, we were drunk. This frick's not.)
kl- heh heh. so how's your car? How's the air filter?
4 - great for bhp man.
kl - yeh man. women dig speed man.

so that is a deep, meaningful conversation for us. If i had to have that conversation with a girl best friend type, i'd have to talk how how i were feeling about my break up and all that. Thoug i like doing that. especially with *song*, who might come live me me for a bit. And i will never ever wanna make out with her, not cos she's not cute, cos she is, but cos she;s just such a great buddy. Sometime's she's almost a guy :)

anyway. so that. rambling. is anyone reading this shit??


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