15 November 2005

Upcoming dates.

So, here are a few choices.

1) there is slightly-droopy-shoulders-but-cute-rest-of-her girl. We'll just call her sdsbcroh girl. I get the feeling she's alcoholic. And she's a compulsive smoker. And kissing smokers sucks, cos they smell like ashtrays. I've gone out with her a couple of times, flirted a bit, but thats about it. And, we have an SMSy relationship. We dont call. Which is good. So, i'm thinking i'll just send her an sms saying, ``hey, when can i take you out on a proper date. Like, to dinner or a movie, and then drinks and then we can get drunk and do something stupid?'' how's that/

2) there is this other girl, who is nice. Smart. great to talk to. But she is not skinny. She's gonna be here for a couple of days soon. She's sorta broad. not fat, just, not thin. what to do?



Shivangi said...

Droopy shoulders not good! Shows lack of physical activity. So even if you're only looking at getting hooked up, be prepared to do all the work! Between, where is it that u work?

Shivangi said...

So we wont get to know where you work... ok. I just hope its not my office! Its a scary thought... :p

vicky said...

Go for a girl who can hold her alcohol. I'm sick of women who can't... they're a nuisance!