18 November 2005

What i'm not.

Ok, Just need to clear things up.

When i started this blog, i was afraid i wouldn't ever get any comments. Its been a few days, and i have a few. They're beginning to pick up. Thank you all for stopping by, please come again.

except this person : http://docsdope.blogspot.com/

Here is what I am : I'm a normal guy. I have very very active life other than the stuff i post here. I just write about my hunt for a `no-strings-attached' girl.

Here is what I am not: I am not this guy. I am not out for a cheap f*ck. Really. I do not want to con women into sleeping with me, and then say ok ta ta.

This chappie's really dysfunctional. You have to see some of the stuff he writes about. Like this :

This brings an interesting aspect of our religion, God is ubiquitous, so that means God is in me me too and you too, which says that all of us are Gods. God fighting God, God making love to Goddess..hahahaa this is funny especially with all the vivid images that our good ol' Doordarshan has conjured up in our minds :)


I love the way woman smell. When they get up in the morning after a good night sleep, when they get dressed for work wearing just deodorant, when they dress up for work wearing French perfume, when they are all sweaty after sports. Most of all, I love to smell their panties.

Now, this is where he gets criminal.

Well, I have been recording my acts of passion with various females ....these are not to make any quick bucks but I'd like to watch them after she is gone...I have hidden cameras all over my place...till now, I have around 50 different recordings with around 11 girls...Liz was 12th of them...she came out of the loo too quicly, and I was caught red handed.. she asked me if there were any previous recordings....and when I told her, that I did have one recording of her with me..she was upset..she asked me to destroy it...I told her its my passion and I can't...and that I will not leak them anywhere and they will be safely locked in my closet...

Dude, whoever you are. Don't come back here. I can't stop you from coming, but please, dont post a reply to any of my posts. I'll just deeeeeelete :)


Docs Dope said...

It's all a matter of "HOLE" my dear friend...whether you do it cheaply or with all the eliteness of this world...in the end you want to get laid...probably you are still too young to understand..

Anonymous said...

Hey completely agree...This is disgusting stuff...appears to be some kinda sex maniac!

ekta said...

Hey thx for the tip on Word verification...hopefully should work!

4WD said...

sex maniac? no, i dont think so. That, in some cases, might not be such a bad thing. This guy is just a loon.

hickey said...

you bet. sounds sick as hell but then, there are enough and more pervs doing the rounds. Keep writing!